H.M. Kim, S.H. Ma, Y.H. Joung, J.K. Suh and M.S. Roh
The objectives of this study were to identify three Arisaema amurense, A. ringens and A. triphyllum specious based on molecular markers and to select accessions with unique morphological characters. Tentative identification based on leaf morphology was verified using single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) generated from sequence analysis of the nuclear transcribed spacer of rDNA gene (nrITS) and the chloroplast intergenic spacer of trnL-trnF gene (cpIS). Specific SNPs from nrITS for A. amurense and A. triphyllum were identified. However, A. ringensspecific SNPs could not be identified because of multiple variations in the nrITS sequences of the species. Species-specific SNPs for the conserved cpIS sequenced in the same species were identified for each species. Morphological characteristics based on the number of leaflets were not sufficient to characterize closely related species such as A. amurense and A. ringens. Arisaema amurense with a unique leaf morphology with variegated, serrated, and denticulate foliage could be selected for further evaluation as a source of new ornamental germplasm.
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