Nicolae Braniște and Mădălina Militaru
Psylla and fire blight resistance combined with fruit quality are still pearbreeding aims at Research Institute for Fruit Growing (RIFG) Pitești, Romania. The new pear cultivar 'Pandora' was registered in 2019, being released by interspecific hybridization between 'Euras' cv. [(PyrusserotinaxOlivier de Serres) x Doyenne d'hiver] and 'Tse Li' cv. (P.ussuriensis). The trees are medium vigor, weak branching and semi-upright habit being productive and with low tendency to biennial bearing. The fruit ripens 10-15 days earlier than 'Euras', at end of September.Fruit weight is about 250g, flesh is yellowish white, fine, crisp, juicy, sweetand flavored. The skin color changes from green to yellow upon maturity. It is highly resistant to fire blight and pear psylla under the standard spraying program. Therefore, this new cultivar shows a good potential for commercial fruit growing.
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