B. Gaina and E. Alexandrov
In this study, the aromatic compounds of some interspecific genotypes were analyzed for both white and red wines. The analysis of the aromatic spectrum of the interspecific rhizogenic vine genotype (Vitis vinifera L. x Muscadinia rotundifolia Michx.) 'Amethyst' genotype (blue-purple berry) was compared with red wine genotype 'Fetească neagră', 'Cabernet sauvignon' and Malbec'. The aromatic compounds are formed in the berries, and during the development and ripening of the berries, depending on the fluctuations of the climatic factors, they form the aroma specific to the grapevine genotype and, as a result of the processing, they form the bouquet of the derived product. Grapevine berries mostly contain the same aromatic chemical compounds, the specific aroma is only due to their different weight within the aromatic complex of each genotype. The results showed that the aromatic spectrum of the interspecific genotypes was as pronounced as that of the reference genotype.
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