G. Tsoktouridis, I. Samartza, E. Maloupa and N. Krigas
Helichrysum orientale (L.) Vaill. is a perennial wild-growing chasmophyte of the Eastern Mediterranean region, which shows great potential for utilization in floriculture, pharmacology and cosmetology. This research aimed to study the effect of conventional (chemical) fertilization and integrated nutrient management on the growth of specific characteristics of H. orientale plants, after the natural flowering period of the species. The experiments were performed in pots (a) inside and (b) outside the greenhouse, (c) in the field and fertilization treatments were applied either on leaves or roots (foliar application/root application) or both. The parameters recorded were plant height, number of rosettes, fresh leaves’ weight, dry leaves’ weight, total fresh weight, and total dry weight. The results did not indicate many significant differences between treatments, however integrated nutrient management presented plants with the most desired attributes (rosettes’ number, total fresh and dry weight, fresh leaves weight), some promoted by foliar application (first two) and others by root application (latter two). The results of this study can be utilized for the future establishment of a targeted protocol for the ex-situ cultivation of H. orientale.
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