T.O. Cristea, A.G.Iosob, C. Brezeanu, P.M. Brezeanu , D. Avasiloaiei and A. Bute

The aim of the present research work was the screening of the effect of the main cytokinin (BAP, kinetin or zeatin) in different concentrations and combinations with the auxin NAA on androgenesis of white cabbage anthers cultivated in vitro. The results obtained are regarded as an intermediary stage for the development of a reproducible protocol for in vitro regeneration of plant from anther culture. Thus, for the determination of the influence of plant growth regulators formula over the callus induction and plant regeneration from anthers cultivated in vitro in the present study the authors undergo a screening of the three most frequently utilized cytokinins (BAP, kinetin and zeatin) in different concentration and combination with the auxin NAA. The results obtained, indicated that the best morphogenetic reaction is obtained on variant with BAP as the main growth regulator.

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