M. Corneanu, S. Sîrbu, E. Iurea, I. Mineață and I. E. Golache
The paper presents a 2-years study of the valuable characteristics in four foreign apple cultivars grown in northeastern Romania, named Moldavia area. The phenological stages, quality traits of fruits and some chemical parameters were evaluated. Start flowering was determined at April 17th (’Resse’), while end of flowering was identified the period April 27th -28th. Period of flowering was 9 to 12 days as average for studied years 2019-2020. Fruit’s weight have varied between 120.55 g (’Resse’) and 179.46 g (’Remo’), while fruit’s equatorial diameter have varied between 65.82 mm and 74.87 mm at ‘Resse’ and respectively ‘Remo’, but no statistically distinct differences registered between all studied apple cultivars. The values of the soluble dry solids range between 14.65° Brix (‘Resse’) to 17.05° Brix (‘Relinda’), and the total dry solids has recorded values between 17.95% (’Resse’) to 21.39% (‘Remo’). The studied apple cultivars showed variability but some got remarked through large fruit’s size or high level of soluble dry solids.
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