R. Alam, M.R. Khan, M.N. Khan and S. Jamil
It is extremely challenging to control the Leucinodes orbonalis Guenee, also known as the brinjal shoot and fruit borer (BSFB) in brinjal cultivation. Considering the prevailing dangerous effects of chemical pesticides on human health and ecology, biopesticides can be an effective weapon to sustain against BSFB. Among the different types of biopesticides, Spinosad was found to be more effective @0.4ml/L to recommend as it was elucidated the lowest shoot infestation (10.19%) and fruit infestation (25.53%) followed by Abamectin @1.2ml/L (12.82% and 30.71%). Furthermore, other biopesticides like Buprofezin, Abamectin, Neem oil, Mahogony oil, Neem leaf extract, and Garlic bulb extract are also used to finding out the best possible solution of existing threats from BSFB. Consequently, with the higher efficacy of Spinosad the economic point of view can be accentuated through the highest benefit-cost ratio (2.28) and quantity of marketable fruit yields (36.62 tons/ha) in the study area.
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