I. Bosoi and M. Puşcalău
Over time at Research and Development Stationfor Viticulture and Oenology Odobeşti, numerous intra- and interspecific sexual hybridizations have been carried out, in order to obtain new cultivars, with high productive and qualitative potential, with disease tolerances, resistant to stress factors, very well adapted to the climatic conditions specific to Vrancea vineyards.Thus, valuable hybrid elites were obtained, which represent a permanent source for the selection, approval and promotion of new grape cultivars. In order to evaluate the agrobiological and technological potential of some valuable hybrid elites, in the period 2016 - 2018, two elites were studied: ‘E.H. 10-1-6’ and ‘E.H. 6-1-1’. The results obtained from this study showed that these hybrid elites have a high productive and qualitative potential, show high biological resistance to the main diseases of the vine, and can be proposed for approval in order to improve the national assortment, in the context of sustainable viticulture.
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