S. Hogea, G. Șovărel, E. Cenușă and M. Costache
The two-spotted spider mite (Tetranychus urticae Koch) is an important pest present in squash crops under high plastic tunnels and in the field, that can reduce yield quantitatively and depreciating it qualitatively. The attack is frequent in dry and hot years, reaching a maximum development in the months of July-August. On the leaves, following the attack, depigmentations appear followed by their drying. The experiment done in 2023, aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of two products based on Neem oil (Oleorgan) and hexythiazox (Nissorun 10 WP) for controlling the pest on squash crops. The 'Perfect' cultivar and the 'Lorea' hybrid were used as biological material. The yield on variants and replicates was recorded, being between 12.30 and 22.58 t/ha. Based on the obtained results, the efficacy (%) was calculated and was between 64.4 and 96.0%.
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