A.E. Manolescu, O.A Boiu-Sicuia, D.I. Sumedrea and C.F. Popescu
The purpose of the present work was to identify and characterize several yeast strains useful in fermentation process and present in the Stefanesti-Arges vineyards. The biological material used was freshly squeezed grape must from the white wine grape cultivar, 'Fetească regală' one of the most widespread and appreciated cultivars for wine in the Arges region. In this study is described the procedure of obtaining the pure isolates and are presented the macroscopic and microscopic characteristics of these isolates retained on the culture medium. By microscopy and molecular analyses was confirmed that the selected isolates in pure culture belongs to the genus Saccharomyces. The morphological characteristics, complemented by the molecular ones of the PCR amplification of the region ITS1-5,8S -ITS2, as well as the analysis of the "killer" profile of the selected strains, proved that the four isolates obtained and analyzed are identical and belong to the species Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
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