A. Bădulescu, D.I. Sumedrea, A. Florea, A. Onache and A. Tanase
The influence of climatic factors on grape yield, fertility indicators of grapes (absolute coefficient of fertility, relative coefficient of fertility, absolute productivity indices, relative productivity indices), but also sugar and total acidity content in three cultivars of 'Fetească' ('Fetească Albă', 'Fetească Neagră' and 'Fetească Regală', respectively) was evaluated during 2016-2020 2016 period at the experimental field of National Research and Development Institute for Biotechnology in Horticulture Ștefănești. The highest grape yield were recorded in 2018 to all three Cultivars analysed (20,33 t/ha 'Fetească Albă', 19,44 t/ha 'Fetească Neagră' and 19t/ha 'Fetească Regală', respectively), while the lowest values were measured in 2016 at all cultivars. Highest sugar content was measured in 2019 and 2020, and lowest in 2017, 2016, respectively. The highest acid content was recorded in 2017 and 2016 (4,64 g/l, 4,65 g/l, respectively) as a result of heavy rainfall during the growing season, especially in June and September. Differences between the studied parameters were statistically significant. The results of the five years showed that the yield and quality of grapes were in direct relation with the weather conditions in certain years of experiments.
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