M.R. Khan And R. Alam
The intention of this post-harvest analysis was to see how the interaction of wrapping materials and storage requirements influenced the shelf life and chemical fruit quality of the ‘Khirsapat’ mango. ‘Khirsapat’ mangoes were harvested when they were fully mature and wrapped in various materials, viz. Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) + No perforation, LDPE + 5 % perforation, LDPE + Blotting paper inside, LDPE + 5 % perforation+ Blotting paper inside, Corrugated Fiber Board (CFB) Box (5% ventilation), LDPE (5% perforation) + CFB Box (5% ventilation), Plastic crate & Control (without any wrapping). Biochemical parameters such as TSS, titratable acidity, reducing sugars, and total sugars were measured in the fruits. According to the data, the physicochemical characteristics of a ‘Khirsapat’ mango were significantly impacted by the wrapping materials and storage period. Wrapping of ‘Khirsapat’ mango in LDPE 5% perforation + CFB Box 5% ventilation at temperature 12±1°C has shown that, up to the 12th day the most successful treatment approach showed a more progressive increase in TSS and total sugar than other treatments. The cultivar's optimum shelf life and nutritional value retention was found by this study. However, in terms of sensory quality, the highest score for ‘Khirsapat’ mango was achieved in a CFB Box with 5% ventilation.
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