S.D. Rosu-Mares, M. Pojar Feneșan, I. Ciotlaus, A. Balea, And A. Andreica
This study investigates the Lepidoptera order representatives among the pests present in apple and plum orchards in the central and northern part of the Bistrita region. This study aimed to find out which ones of the Lepidoptera pests are present in the area and what is their population density. By field trapping of moths and leaf miners, in 2021 we are presenting an up-to-date situation of the main damaging species from the Lepidoptera order. Pheromone traps with attractants for seven species were placed in four locations in apple and plum orchards. The monitored species were: Cydia pomonella, Hedya nubiferana, Spilonota ocellana, Phyllonorycter blancardella, and Leucoptera scitella in the apple orchards. In plum orchards, we placed lures for Cydia funebrana and Grapholita molesta. Our data confirm some of the previous known facts about the flight patterns of Cydia pomonella, Phyllonorycter blancardella, Leucoptera scitella, Cydia funebrana and Grapholita molesta but show a longer flight period. Defoliators such as Hedya nubiferana and Spilonota ocellana are also present and could become a threat in the next years.
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