M. Sturzeanu
The objective of the study was to evaluate some postharvest parameters of fruit quality at seven strawberry cvs., ('Alba', 'Clery', 'Coral', 'Magic', 'Premial', 'Queen Elisa', 'Record') grown at RIFG Pitești, Romania in open field, in the 2016-2018 period. The storage method included three days in normal refrigeration condition (2-4ºC) followed by one day at room temperature (22-24 ºC). The following parameters were determined before and after storage: fruit weight (g), fruit firmness (kgf/cm2), four color indicators (L*, a*, b*, ΔE) and percent of damaged fruits caused by pathogen. Statistically assured differences were recorded between cultivars. 'Premial' cv. proved the lowest fruit weight loss (0.27 g) and also the lowest fruit firmness loss (0.09 kgf/cm2) after storage. 'Alba' cv. had the highest percentage of healthy fruits after storage (86.4%). After four days storage both early cvs.were marketable.
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