S.M. Chelaru, E. Ulea, A.M. Florea, C.I. Turcu,I. Perju and A. Aftudor Manolache
Research on the monitoring of the pathogen Coccomyces hiemalis sin. Blumeria jaapi took place on the territory of the Research Station for Fruit Growing Iasi, within the research polygon. The observations were made on 5 cultivars approved at RSFG Iasi and belong to the category of early ripening cultivars. 'Cetățuia', 'Cătălina', 'Andreias', 'Cociuvas' and 'Mihailis' cultivars were studied, their monitoring began in May, analysing 3 trees of each cultivar, 300 leaves from each tree in three repetitions, observing the frequency and intensity of the pathogen's attack. During the growing season of 2022, 4 treatments with fungicides, insecticides and foliar fertilizers were used for phytosanitary maintenance. Following the observations made, the analysed cultivars recorded a minimum attack degree of 0.825% on the 'Cetățuia' cultivar and the highest of 1.63% for the ‘Mihailis’ cultivar. The low degree of attack was due to the earliness of the cultivars studied.
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