V. Artem, A. Ranca, M.A. Ciocan and T. Negreanu–Pirjol
The theme approached in this study is part of the state-of-the-art concerns regarding the valorization of by-products that represent a problem for the environment, due to the constant production and limited exploitation. The purpose of this paper was to render useful marine and wine by-products, in order to obtain fertilizers with applicability in the cultivation of the grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.). Green algae, brown algae, shells, fermented pomace, unfermented pomace and vine canes were combined in different proportions and applied to an experimental lot in the Murfatlar wine center, cultivated with the red wine cultivar, 'Feteasca neagra'. The high content in mineral elements of these by-products has led to significant increases in soil quality, especially regarding essential nutrients (phosphorus and mobile potassium) and organic matter (humus). Improvements have also been observed in the accumulation of biochemical compounds involved in plant growth and development, but also the quality and production of grapes. The obtained results encourage us to apply these fertilizers in the following years, diversifying the vine cultivars for white and red wines.
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