E. Brȋnduşe , M.Ion, C. L. Nedelcu, L. Fȋciu and A. Pantazi
The aim of the present study was to investigate the production of extracellular enzymes in a number of twenty six autochtonous Saccharomyces and non- Saccharomyces strains selected in Dealu Mare region for wine production. The strains were screened for the production of extracellular b-glucosidase, esterase, pectinase and protease activity by inoculation the yeast strains onto selective media. All Saccharomyces tested strains showed at least two enzymatic activities while non- Saccharomyces strains showed activity at least for one enzyme. The weakest activity was recorded in case of β-glucosidase. Most of the tested strains exhibit more or less intense activity for polygalacturonase/pectinase and protease. This study put into evidence the potential of autochtonous and especially of non-Saccharomyces strains as source of production of secondary compounds which can play an important role in improving the quality of wines.
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