M. Cantor, T. Hitter (Buru), Z. Szekely-Varga and E. Buta
Chrysanthemum is one of the major crops in the word and it is grown for two basic ways for cut flowers and potted plants, depending of market demand. In the last years the cultivated areas with Chrysanthemum have gained a significant growth. Also, due to the progress made in the selection of chrysanthemum, in order to obtain valuable varieties grown in pots, knowledge of characteristics morphology has of major importance, and the enrichment of the existing assortment in our country is the main objective of the growers. The flowers occur in various forms, and can be daisy-like, decorative, pompon or buttons. In addition, many colors are available, such as white, yellow, red, purple and green. The present paper aimed to study the main characteristics of Chrysanthemum grown in pots of the following cultivars: `Vanilla`, `Eté Indien`, `Camina Red`, `Pamplona Jogger White`, `Amelia Jogger`, `Avalon Salmon`. The measurements of the experiment were focused on the vegetative growth of the cultivars listed above (plant diameter, circumferences of the plant, height of plant, number of stems/plant, number of branches/stem, number of flowers/plant and the diameter of the flowers) in order to diversify the current Chrysanthemum assortment and to promote the cultivation of the most valuable cultivars. The obtained results shown that `Pamplona Jogger White` cultivar registered increases in the case of the diameter, circumference of the plant, and diameter of the flowers. On the opposite side the 'Camina Red' cultivar recorded the largest number of branches/stem and number of flowers/plant and the 'Avalon Salmon' cultivar has the highest values in terms of plant height and number of stems/plant.
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