P. Sava and C. Caterenciuc
The paper is a scientific analysis of research conducted during the years 2015- 2018 in the Central Area of the Republic of Moldova on the adaptability of some blueberry cultivars ('Blueray', 'Earliblue', 'Azur', 'Lax'), studying the key factors that must be known and performed to obtain a culture successfully, with quality fruit. As a result of research and observations on the factors influencing plant development, the duration of the phenological phases, the content and quantity of nutrients in fruit on the studied blueberry cultivars, it was established that: climatic conditions are favorable, if the requirements of this species are met, in particular, planting in the acid substrate (peat with pH 4.5-5.5). Cultivated of cultivars show high resistance to frost, disease and pests, but require irrigation in dry periods. The climatic conditions in the study years influence the vegetation stages of the studied blueberry cultivars, these being between which varies between 15 to 23rd March, flowering between 17 to 26th April and fruit ripening between 25 May and 6th June month. Also, the climatic conditions influenced the quality of the fruits for the analyzed cultivars, the soluble dry matter varied between 10.12%-15.04%; of sugars between 3.40-15.04%; tannins and coloring substances between 15.04-24.94 mg%; vitamin C between 10.60-19.80 mg%; sugar/acid ratio between 1.20-9.29.
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