M. Cantor, T. Buru, Zs. Szekely-Varga, and E. Buta
Chrysanthemum is one of the top cultivated flowers, the undisputed queen of gardens in the autumn season. Due to its exceptional decorative qualities having a special range of shapes and colors, storage resistance, suitability in different cultivation systems and the possibility of cultivation all over the year chrysanthemum is one of the most loved and appreciated flowers. It is one of the major crops worldwide and it is cultivated as cut flowers and potted plants, depending on market demand. In Romania, nowadays, the cultivated areas with Chrysanthemum are developing quickly through potted cultures which have gained a significant increase. Also, due to the progress made in the selection of chrysanthemums, many cultivars have been introduced in the recent plant assortment. The present study was carried out to evaluate the influence of three rooting biostimulators on five potted chrysanthemums cultivars to determine the most efficient way to obtain a significant result for roots and aerial part’s growth and development. The greatest effects of rooting were obtained with Radistim 1 biostimulator. In which case was determined an increase of rooting percentage, number of roots, the height of plants, number of leaves and number of branches.
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