G.A. Iosob and T.O. Cristea
Perillus bioculatus F. (Heteroptera, Pentatomidae), or the two-spotted stink bug, is considered an important predator of Colorado potato beetle egg masses, larvae and adults. He is attracted to the volatile substances emitted by damaged plants. In Bacau County, the species was observed in 2022 in the eggplant culture at Vegetable Research and Development Station Bacau, during the survey of the Colorado potato beetle. The first apparition of the predatory insect was recorded at the beginning of August when we found 10 imago and 5 egg masses, that have been collected and transported into the laboratory. After a few days, 69 nymphs hatched from a total of 73 eggs. A total of 30 imago’s and 25 first instar nymphs of the two-spotted stink bug were found in the second decade of August. The P. bioculatus dynamics proved to be affected by feeding conditions or conventional insecticide applications. In this study we report the presence of a new predator that is the natural enemy of the Colorado potato beetle in eggplants cultures, the focus of the present study being the density and dynamics of this insect as a potential key factor in the development of biological management strategies for L. decemlineata Say pest control at Solanum melongena L.
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